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Restoring the films of Gerard Damiano Sr. – The Journey Continues

Gerard Damiano Sr. - photo by Jack Hardman

Gerard Damiano Sr.

My sister Christar and I decided the best way to honor our father, acclaimed adult film director Gerard Damiano, would be to restore his best films and complete his biography. On Father’s Day 2015, I began this blog to document the journey. Now a full year has passed, and although the blog had fallen silent for a time, the journey continues. We felt that the best way to tell his story would be using his own words and the words of those that worked together with him. I teamed up with Larry Revene, one of the most highly regarded cinematographers of the genre. He had shot a number of my father’s films in the late 70s and early 80s.

Larry and I had met on the set of “Throat: 12 Years After” more than 30 years before. Together we formed the “Crew of 2” and set out on the road to track down the surviving “Legends of The Golden Age of Porn” and film interviews with them. We left New York City with all of our gear packed into the 2006 Toyota Corolla that my father and I had bought together before he died.

Our first stop was Newport, Kentucky to meet up with legendary burlesque dancer turned porn star, Annette Heinz. Then it was on to Hollywood to meet the “Goddess of the Golden Age” Georgina Spelvin, star of “The Devil in Miss Jones”. We travelled through California, filming porn stars in sleazy motel rooms (a cliché in itself).  At first, I was writing blog posts about each encounter, but as we continued, the adventures came so hard and fast that I couldn’t keep up. Larry did most of the driving while I navigated, worked the phone, and planned the next move. As we drove from one destination to the next trying to track people down along the way, often not knowing where we were going to be the next day, or where we were going to sleep that night.

The Crew of 2 Nationwide. Larry Revene and Gerard Damiano Jr. somewhere in Missouri

The Crew of 2 Nationwide. Larry Revene and Gerard Damiano Jr. somewhere in Missouri.

We sometimes shot two interviews in a day and I found myself preparing questions in the car and literally watching films as we drove. It was all we could do to be in the moment, while planning for the next. After about a dozen posts I quickly fell behind. I don’t understand how some of these bloggers do it.

How do you live your life and write about it at the same time?

By the time we got back to New York we had driven nearly 10,000 miles across 17 states and filmed more than 20 interviews with some of the most important figures of the era. With all the new information that we discovered, I found that the story was much bigger, and the project much broader in scope than I had initially thought. Our adventures on the road were a story in itself. The new material that we shot was enough to produce a short subject on each film. Between the research for the book, the restoration of 10 films, and all the new media that was generated, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. Having fallen more than a dozen posts behind, even the blog added to the weight. It would be easy to lose myself in all this material. Plus, I still had a day job. Real-world obligations and the necessity to raise funds to continue became a priority.

The Crew of 2 Coast to Coast Larry Revene at the Pacific Ocean Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

The Crew of 2 Coast to Coast. Larry Revene at the Pacific Ocean. Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

I saw the importance of finishing the book. The over-arching story of my father’s life could provide the framework which gives context to the films and other related projects. I brought in some research assistants to help me digest the vast archive of personal writings, press, and film memorabilia that my father had left. But it is a long and painstaking process. Nearly 8 years have passed since my father’s death, and I am anxious to get his films out there to be seen as he had intended. My sister and I have decided to cut to the chase and focus on releasing what our father considered to be his best film. “The Story of Joanna”.

Poster for Gerard Damiano's "The Story of Joanna" (1975)

Poster for “The Story of Joanna” (1975)

“The Story of Joanna” was his dark S/M opus, produced in 1975 at the height of “Porno Chic”. It starred Terry Hall as Joanna, and Jamie Gillis in a role that was tailor made for him. Critics called it “Damiano’s Masterpiece”. The film has not been seen in its original form since the 1970s. It came up often during our interviews across America. When we spoke with Joáo Fernandes, the cinematographer for the film — who had previously shot “Deep Throat”, “The Devil in Miss Jones” and “Memories within Miss Aggie”— he agreed that it was the best work that he had done for my father, perhaps the best work of his adult film career. Annie Sprinkle was NOT in “The Story of Joanna”, but she confessed to me that as my father’s mistress, she was on set and had a lot of behind-the-scenes stories about the film. One of the last interviews that Larry and I shot together was of Juliet Graham, the last surviving cast member, who had some surprising revelations, not least of all about Jamie Gillis.

As the development of the book continues, I will attempt to finish some of the missing posts about the galaxy of stars that Larry and I encountered during our odyssey across America. Their stories were always surprising and often revealing. Our father may always be remembered for “Deep Throat”, but he would have preferred to be known for “The Story of Joanna”. Christar and I hope to screen the restored version of the film in New York City by year’s end.

Gerard Damiano Jr.
Queens, New York,  Father’s Day, 2016

To be continued…

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The Crew of 2 are back out on the road in search of the Sex Stars of the Seventies…

The Crew of 2 on the American Road Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

The Crew of 2 on the American Road Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

This past summer Larry Revene and I set out to interview the “Legends of the Golden Age of Porn” and hear about their experiences working with my father, the acclaimed adult film director Gerard Damiano Sr. Our Journey took us from New York City to Hollywood and beyond. Along the way we met up with some of the biggest names of the era, including Georgina Spelvin, Ron Jeremy, and Sharon Mitchell. Their stories were always interesting, often surprising, and I constantly caught myself saying…

“You can’t make this shit up!”


The 2006 Toyota Corolla that my father and I bought together, amidst the Redwoods of Northern California.

Once we completed all the interviews that we had set out to do, we realized that our work was hardly finished. It had only just begun. Some of the interviews posed more questions than they answered. We met a lot of people, who introduced us to still more people, and discovered more cast and crew members who might be willing to talk to us. And although we still have not seen the elusive Jody Maxwell, we got a solid lead.


An entire studio’s worth of equipment, tightly packed into the trunk of a toyota.

Once back in New York, Larry and I, recovered, recharged, refueled, and vowed to continue the journey.
Now we are back out on the American Road.
First stop San Francisco.

To be continued…

Acclaimed cinematographer João Fernandes talks for the first time about being “Harry Flecks”

João Fernandes is the biggest name in adult film cinematography, that you’ve never heard of. He is responsible for shooting many of the finest examples of “Golden Age” porn, including “Take Off”, and “Through the Looking Glass”. He has worked with directors such as Doris Wishman, Armand Weston, Anthony Spinelli, Jonas Middleton, and even blaxploitation star Fred Williamson. Born in Brasil, he studied film at NYU under Haig P. Manoogian, who also taught Scorsese, and cites Fellini as his greatest influence. His collaboration with Gerard Damiano Sr. began in 1972, on the film “Deep Throat.”

 João Fernandes & Jerry Damiano of the Set of

João Fernandes & Jerry Damiano of the Set of “The Story of Joanna” 1975

João shot all of my father’s most acclaimed films, including “The Devil in Miss Jones”, “Memories Within Miss Aggie”, and his masterpiece, “The Story of Joanna.” The two shared a dream of someday working on big-budget Hollywood films. For this reason João used the “nom de porn” Harry Flecks, (taken from the Arriflex camera that he preferred), at a time when his resumé might have prevented him from getting “legitimate” work.

Following “Joanna,” at the peak of the “porno chic” era, João and Gerry went to California together, to shoot the ill-fated “Once Upon a Time…Tomorrow,” a straight film that was never released. While on the West Coast, João made the necessary connections, then returned to New York to pack his bags. He made the move to California and before long had realized his dream. During his career as a Hollywood cinematographer, he shot “Children of the Corn,” “Red Scorpion” and “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.” In 1984 he shot “Missing in Action” which starred Chuck Norris, and began a working relationship with the kung-fu superstar that lasted for many years. He went on to shoot eight more films with Norris, as well as his TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” even directing a number of the episodes himself. If you combine his film and television work, with his work in adult film, João has been credited as Director of Photography in no less than 93 productions.

Georgina Spelvin and Gerard Damiano Sr. in a scene from

Georgina Spelvin and Gerard Damiano Sr., in a scene from “The Devil in Miss Jones”, shot by João Fernandes

As a kid growing up, I knew João as a close family friend. I remember that he was usually the most handsome guy on the set. All the women were hot for him. Even my little sister had a crush on him. Still today, when Larry Revene and I met with the actresses of the “Golden Age”, they all asked about him, with a glimmer in their eyes. The last time that I saw João was more than 40 years ago, during the production of “Once Upon a Time”, in California. I was all of nine years old. For all these years he has retained his anonymity. Now retired, he was finally willing to speak candidly about his career in porn.

João Fernandes with The Crew of 2

João Fernandes with The Crew of 2, Ashland Oregon, July 2015
Photo by Gerard Damiano Jr.

Today, João lives in beautiful Ashland Oregon, with his wife of more than 30 years, an actress whom he met on set, she in front of the camera, and he behind it. We spoke at length, and he told me, “I learned an enormous amount of my own craft working with your father.” We watched “The Devil in Miss Jones” and “Memories Within Miss Aggie” together, and it was evident how far he had come since filming “Deep Throat” just two years before. He felt that “The Story of Joanna” was his best work with my father, perhaps the best work of his adult film career. Larry had worked together with João on “Take Off” and had great respect for him. I enjoyed listening to the two old DPs compare notes about films, cameras, and the people they both knew. João showed us his reel, which contained shots from a number of his films that showcased his most elaborate camera moves, most dramatic lighting, and highest production values. My father would have been proud to know that a shot of Terry Hall descending a staircase from “Joanna” made the cut.

In Hollywood with “The Goddess of The Golden Age of Porn”, Georgina Spelvin

Georgina Spelvin  in

Georgina Spelvin in “The Devil in Miss Jones”

When she  met my father in 1973, Georgina Spelvin already had an impressive resumé. A classically trained dancer, she had appeared in “The Pajama Game” on Broadway, dancing for Bob Fosse. Her love of filmmaking led her and a group of fellow artists to found “The Pickle Factory” in Greenwich Village, New York, in the late 1960’s, where they made protest films against the Vietnam War.

Georgina's Broadway Headshot

Georgina’s Headshot from her Broadway Days

An accomplished film editor, with experience in all aspects of production, she applied for the job as caterer for “The Devil in Miss Jones”. When she showed up at the office for an interview, Jerry was auditioning John Clemens for the role of “Abaca” (The Devil’s Advocate), and asked her to run lines with him. When she left that day she had gotten both the catering job, AND the starring role in the film. “The Devil in Miss Jones” made headlines (as “Deep Throat” before it), but this time it was due to critical acclaim, rather than scandal. And Georgina was (in her own words), “skyrocketed from oblivion to oblivion”.

We found Georgina living in the lovely Hollywoodland section of Los Angeles, just beneath the iconic sign, together with her partner of more than 30 years. She regaled us with tales of working on “Devil”, as well other films, which she later made for my father, such as “For Richer For Poorer” and “Fantasy”. Now well into her 70’s, her formidable intelligence and quick wit, have only improved over time. She has recounted her extraordinary story in a memoir entitled “The Devil Made Me Do it”, which is available on Read her blog at:

The Crew of 2 with Georgina

The Crew of 2 with Georgina Spelvin and her partner John, Hollywood, July 2015