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In San Francisco with 70s Sex Siren Serena

Serena in the 1970s photo by Joel Sussman

Serena in the 1970s  photo by Joel Sussman

We met up with porn legend Serena in San Francisco at The Center for Sex and Culture. Her sweet and gentle demeanor was consistent with her reputation of being the “Hippie Porn Star”. She told us:

“I was making X-Rated Movies
before I ever saw an X-Rated Movie”

We spoke about the two films that she worked on with my father in the late 70s and early 80s, “Gerard Damiano’s People” and “Never So Deep”. Together we watched a scene that she performed with her then real life partner, Jamie Gillis. Her on screen/off screen relationship with “Porn’s Prince of Darkness” was legendary. She shared intimate details of their time together and revealed that she too had a dark side, that was able to match Jamie in intensity (no small feat).

Serena today photo by Larry Revene

Serena today  photo by Larry Revene

You can learn more about Serena in her book  Bright Lights Lonely Nights (The Memories of Serena Porn Star pioneer of the 1970s).
Friend her of Facebook at

Next stop Santa Cruz to follow up with Sharon Mitchell
To be continued…

Herschel Savage …a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn, who made it BIG in Porn

Herschel SavageWhen Herschel Savage arrived on the scene in the early 1970s, he brought more than just impossibly good looks, but considerable acting chops, having studied under Uta Hagen, as well as renowned acting teacher Stella Adler. Though reports online vary greatly, Herschel, by his own account, has appeared in more than 1,500 films, over his 40 year career. You may have seen him in the Golden Era Classic “Debbie Does Dallas” (under the name Bill Barry).

Larry Revene remembers shooting loops with him in Bob Wolf’s 14th St. studio as early as 1973. We met up with Herschel in L.A., where I had the opportunity to talk with him about working with my father on “Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip” (aka “Odyssex”), “People”, “Skin-Flicks”, “For Richer for Poorer”, “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, and “Forbidden Bodies”.

Herschel Savage in “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue” 1980

Herschel Savage in “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue” 1980

I was most interested in speaking about the Sci-Fi Sex Pic “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue”. I worked on this film in 1980. Still too young to work during the actual filming, I painted sets and created some of the props, earning a credit for “prop design”. Hershel plays opposite R. Bolla (another nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn, with formidable acting skills), as the two debate “Love vs. Sex”, against the backdrop of a future in decay. Herschel chose his stage name while joking around with Jamie Gillis, trying to combine a “porn name”, with one that was distinctly Jewish. This draws attention to a trend in actors of the “Golden Age”, as nearly every major male star was a Jew born in New York City. The list includes Harry Reems, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, R.Bolla, Bobby Astyr, and Jamie Gillis himself. Honorable mention goes to Marc Stevens (b. Delaware), and Carter Stevens (b. Newark, NJ).

Today Herschel is still active, preferring to appear on the stage rather than on the screen, has actually portrayed my father, a role that he is quite proud of. He hosts a weekly comedy show on every Thursday night, from 6:15-8:15 PM (Pacific Time). You can call in at 1.484.352.2598. Follow Herschel on Twitter at: @pornicon, and friend him on Facebook, at

Herschel Savage and R.Bolla on location in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, NY. Site of the 1964 World’s Fair.

Herschel Savage and R.Bolla on location in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, NY
(Site of the 1964 World’s Fair), while filming “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue”