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65+ Sexiest & Most Famous Pornstars of All Time



Sexiest Most Famous Pornstars

I’ll admit that it’s hard to find the hottest pornstars because there are tens of thousands of beautiful women doing porn right now.

And I can tell you it’s hard because I spent a lot of time looking for the best ones to put this list together.

And since 2020 is over, it was time to update this list with the top pornstars who are ruling the business right now and giving hot scene after hot scene.

I tried to keep the same number of girls as last year, but it was hard to say no to so many hot dancers, so I ended up adding more.

Before I start the list and tell you who I think are the hottest pornstars right now, I want to say that I didn’t include any XXX stars who are no longer working.


This means names like Mia Khalifa, Dani Daniels, Jayden Jaymes, and others won’t be on the list below. Instead, I only have girls whose videos come out often and who are active at the time.

This list of the best pornstars includes babes who got a lot of attention last year, as well as new stars and older pornstars who are still at the top of their game.

So, let’s not wait any longer and find out who this year’s hottest pornstars are!

65. Moriah Mills

Most Famous Pornstar

This curvy and thick XXX star has so much juicy meat on her front end that it would weigh down a truck.

Moriah Mills is big, sexy, and foot-blessed to the max. If she squats over you and sits on your face, you’ll be instantly transported to cloud nine.

It’s true that big boners love spearing her snatch and getting enough sweat meat to last them for weeks!


64. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey is very good at many things. She’s an actress, writer, singer, model, and very fuckable slut.

Her behind and breasts are very small, but she might be the deepest snatch in North America! Sasha is busy on Twitch and has a lot of followers on social media.

She is tall, sexy, and loves blowjobs and anals. She makes it easy for you to turn your dick into the most accurate machine gun ever made!

63. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz won the Penthouse Pet of the Month award in April 2010 and the Penthouse Pet of the Year award in 2011.

She didn’t get those awards by praising God while sitting on her behind! It’s almost 40 years old, and this Canadian actress is a blonde bombshell with a huge behind and breasts.

She acts like BBC is the only good thing in the world. Being always horny means that Nikki’s cunt gets more attention every day than a candy store shelf!

62. Julia Ann

Julia Ann

Julie Ann is still beautiful at 50 years old. She could charm a king and give him a boner that would make him king of the world!

She has a sweet face, is blonde, curvy, tall, and wears boosted 36E fake jugs. Because of her beautiful smile and body, this GILF actress makes you want to punch a dragon.


If you haven’t already, watch her movies. Afterward, you’ll beg to be her sex slave!

61. Peta Jensen

Peta Jensen

Do you need a new person to spray your seed on?

Peta Jensen is a good choice. She should be one of the most famous pornstars because she has fake tits, a pert and medium-sized behind, and legs that are every woman’s dream.

Peta’s body is toned and tight like an athlete’s, and her curves are to die for.

I really wish she would come back to porn and drain all the cum out of all of our balls, but she has stopped doing that.

60. Leah Gotti

Leah Gotti

Not a single girl named Leah has ever been so beautiful that I didn’t want to take her under my wing and bone her all the time.

Let’s talk about Leah Gotti, a 22-year-old girl who looks like she could be eaten. You want to hold her baby face in your hands and kiss it.


Plus, her 34C natural jigglers look better than any chicken-fried steak I’ve ever had!

Even though she seems very sweet, Leah is a professional who lets big cocks be themselves without fear of being judged!

59. Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels 1

This woman goes by a lot of names, but that doesn’t really matter because you should look for her.

Gianna is almost 6 feet tall, and every ounce of that is soft, toned meat.

Her F-size natural jugs get so much attention that they could confuse a military satellite, and her big booty is great for any dick who likes to get laid.

As you might guess, this babe has a cunt that is a cock magnet, and the biggest boners are always making their way into it!


58. Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint 1

As this beauty acts out on screen, even the saints have been laughing and acting like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!

By a mile and a half, Samantha Saint is the most beautiful girl on this list of popular pornstars. She’s one of those hotties who is so horny she could fuck a load of gravel!

She’s somewhere between slim and curvy, toned all the way through, blonde, busty, and has pierced nipples.

She’s also won a lot of awards. Did I also say that this girl can be mean when she’s in the cough spirit?

57. Summer Brielle

Summer Brielle

Summer Brielle may have done something bad to huge boners and BBCs in a past life.

Because most of her porn movies I’ve seen show these throbbing telegraph poles getting wet and slicked down in her throat before going deep into her snatch for a long jamming session!

There are some blonde girls who look like sluts no matter what they’re wearing or doing. This girl is one of those girls.


56. Anya Ivy

Anya Ivy 1

You and every man in the world need to take a big breath of Anya Ivy chocolate syrup! Dressed in miniskirts and pigtails, she looks like a teen because she’s short and slim.

This girl has what might be the cutest little booty on this list. Her natural 36D jugs also look great.

Anya is a beautiful black actress with big tastes. She won’t roll with you unless your penis is longer than your leg and you can scratch her ovaries with the tip!

55. Remy LaCroix


Take a look at Remy LaCroix! Yes, she is beyond beautiful, and her body fills your brain with fuel and then sets it on fire!

Remy is 32 years old, but she looks and acts like a cute youth. She has a perky booty, a slim body, and real 34B breasts that hang off her chest like the ripest fruits in the botanical garden!

Gangbangs are what she’s known for, and this pretty angel can handle having several big cocks in her hole and still stay calm.

54. Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze

Inside the world of porn, Jenna Haze is a myth that everyone worships and loves. The AVN and XRCO both have hall of fames for her.

She has won every important award. The way Jenna is built is perfect, and she could have made a living as a model in high society.


She’s tall and thin, stunningly beautiful, and can do anything that drives a cock crazy!

53. Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick has won so many awards that if you took the time to look them up, you could fill a whole textbook with them!

These awards show what a great performer and entertainer she is, which means she deserves to be on this list of famous pornstars.

This pornstar from the 1990s is very pretty and curvy, and she’s always ready to feel a slippery snatch or let a cock show her how to cum.

52. Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson 1

This person used to be a model and stripper. She is now one of the wealthiest and most famous pornstars in the world, and she was once called the “Queen of Porn.”

She has blue eyes, is blonde, and is very slim. She can fuck a bucket of juice out of a statue!

If you like old-school porn, this XXX star is a great choice that will get your cock nodding right away.


51. Tori Black

Tori Black

Tori Black is definitely the real deal. She is 31 years old, has been working since 2007, and has won so many awards in her field that it would shock a satyr.

Her cunt rocking lips are big enough for you to use to fan yourself. She’s pretty and small.

To show this, Tori often goes to great lengths. She is one of the meanest girls on this list and has no limits at all.

50. Bree Olson

Bree Olson

One day, when Bree Olsen turned 20, her dream came true: she became a stripper.

She’s one of those crazy, stupid, famous pornstars who’s been on a bunch of reality shows and signed with some of the big names in the business.

Olson is short, blonde, slim, and curvy, and she has one of the nicest sets of D-cup jugs you’ve ever seen. Yes, she does very bad things to penises she likes.

49. August Ames

August Ames

It’s sad that August Ames is no longer with us, but she was a great girl who had that slut spirit you always wanted your girl had when things get crazy in the bedroom!

One of the sexiest and most well-known pornstars, she had legs that went from North to South and a very amazing set of natural 32D cup bangers.


Give her a proper funeral by putting on that knobbly cock and cumming hard in her honor!

48. Jenna Presley

Jenna Presley 1

Jenna Presley was active for a little less than 10 years, but she did more than enough in that time to get her on this list of the most popular pornstars.

There’s no doubt that this American actress is sultry. Her bedroom eyes are so beautiful that they make you wet your pants, and she looks like a fashion model.

Not only does she have a nice ass, but she also has a slim body, a pretty face, long brown hair, and holes that like monster rods.

47. Briana Banks

Briana Banks

Briana Banks is a hot redhead with blue eyes who grew up in California.

She has amazing breasts, a slim body, a nice ass, and a pussy that tastes so sweet it could be used instead of sugar!

She is famous for having blonde hair, long legs, and melons that were surgically improved to make her chest area look more appealing than paradise.


46. Capri Cavanni

Capri Cavanni

Capri Cavanni is also known as Capri Cavalli. She is a Canadian woman who is 38 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and hotter than any oven in the bakery down the street!

She has a smooth body, tats and piercings, an oval face with beautiful bedroom eyes, and men beg her to bless them with big jugs!

Capri is equally hungry for both choking on throbbing cocks and licking a wet cunt, so she doesn’t pick a choice.

45. Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle is blonde, hot, beautiful, perfect, sweet, and small. She seems to have it all. She has won so many awards that a supercomputer is in charge of keeping track of them all.

She is one of those beautiful, smooth, sexy, naughty, and loving babes who will do anything to spread their legs and let a big cock thrust them into the middle of next year.

44. Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee 1

If you’re with a MILF like Sophie Dee, your cock will think it’s a rocket and try to take off for Mars.

There is a warrant out for her arrest because she is a total jerk who has pushed so many guys over the edge.

Sophie Dee is a British beauty queen who has a sweet face, a lot of breasts, and a lot of fat.


BBCs seem to be her favorite treats, but sometimes you can find her sitting on your pussy and happily eating away!

She knows how to fuck, suck, and fill up your boner so much it’s about to burst.

43. Karma RX

Karma RX

It has sleeves with fancy ink and fake titties that I want to weigh and slap together. She is a 27-year-old blonde who is hot, tight, and leggy.

She has done a lot for guys by helping them get rid of so much jism that toilets everywhere are clogged!

Do you know why she’s on this list?

Because she’s so mean that every time she puts out a new porn movie, a huge number of people have heart attacks and penile strangulations!


42. Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

One of the most beautiful pornstars in the world is Eva Lovia. She’s also a real sweetheart with a sweet bottom.

The 5’3″ she is a little short, but she is long, curvy, and has some of the best surgically enhanced bazungas I have seen in my work so far!

Eva can swing both ways, and her pussy is very pretty. I’ve rarely seen a slit that looks so smooth, ready, and tasty!

41. Alanah Rae

Alanah Rae

There are a lot of famous pornstars on this list, and Alanah Rae is one of them. She can be blonde or brunette based on her mood and the day.

She used to be a stripper and an escort, and she is now known to be an exhibitionist and a mean girl.

For this slut to understand the world, she always needs a boner in her slit or between her big fake titties.

She’s been doused in so many buckets of hot cum juices on set that I can’t help but wonder why her skin hasn’t peeled off!


40. Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan

You can tell Faye Reagan is hot by her smile. She is one of the most beautiful pornstars who ever sat on a dick first thing in the morning.

And she’s not just pretty to look at. Faye is 5 feet 6 inches tall, slim, and perky. She has natural 34C breasts that look so good I hope I can get my hands on a pair like them soon!

This blonde slut will give you the kind of boner you could use to shoot your way out of trouble, in case you didn’t know.

39. Layla London

Layla London 1

Layla London is a pretty oval-faced girl who was born in 1993. She’s sexy enough to give you a woody big and hard enough to fight a Xenomorph with, so it’s not crazy to call her one of the most popular pornstars in the business!

She has a few tattoos, a big booty, big natural titties, and a pussy that dreams it’s a fast tube!

It’s possible that Layla thinks she’s the sexiest woman on four legs, and I doubt there’s a male actor with a monster cock that she hasn’t already climbed on and milk dry!

38. Abella Anderson

Abella Anderson

First thing you should do when you wake up is kneel down and pray to the picture of Abella Anderson that’s on your wall.

Yes, you should honor this goddess properly, or I will find you by the end of the week! Abella Anderson is a small actress with 34D fake breasts and a slim build.


She screams “danger” to any boner in your possession. There is no doubt that her bubble butt is perfect because she is Cuban, and you should beg the gods to make that bounce on your woody.

37. Jennifer White

Jennifer White

Just wait until you see what this babe can do to several cocks at once. You’ll be scared to death and turn white as a sheet in a second.

Jennifer looks just like the bad girl she is, and her eyes can tell how thick your boner is and how long you can hold in the cum she wants from you.

She’s short (5’2″), has long legs and brown hair, a tiny behind, and natural 34C breasts that have never been touched by gravity!

36. Emma Hix


She started out as a camgirl, but then she decided she wanted more from her job and moved into the mainstream porn industry.

Emma Hix has continued to improve her skills at sucking, fucking, and making love since then, and these skills are clear in her porn scenes.

The Canadian beauty is always shooting porn because her dates are always full.


She knows what she wants and doesn’t mind telling her partners exactly what to do to please her and help her orgasm!

35. Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black

Got a thing for Asian hotties?

Rae Lil Black is perfect for you.

This skank is from Japan and is a total whore for a big cock. She loves getting plowed in all positions, being dominated, and being made to deepthroat a cock until she chokes on it.

She does not, however, only talk to one person at a time. She likes to have sex with both men and women. In one of her most recent films, she is strapped on and railed.

34. Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie Taylor

I think Kenzie Taylor is one of the few women who can make guys fall in love with them without being naked.

She has a beautiful face, but when her juicy lips are wrapped around a hard cock, they look out of this world!


She also has a great body and is very happy with her beautiful fake tits. Her tits are so beautiful that her partners can’t help but touch and kiss them, which is saying something.

If you haven’t seen her yet, you should do so right now to see why I think she’s one of the best pornstars of 2022!

33. Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez is a famous pornstar who is great at both hardcore boy/girl scenes and erotic lesbian scenes.

This babe has a small body, beautiful tits and ass, a tight pussy, seductive and juicy lips, a perfect face, and an even more perfect smile.

But her speaking skills are what make her one of the best pornstars of the year.

She is very good at sucking cocks, but she is also very good at using her long tongue to explore the inside of a vagina.


32. Ava Addams

Ava Addams

One of those dream MILFs is Ava Addams. She has those big DDD tits and a mouth from another planet.

She likes to be in charge of sexual situations, but when she meets a man who is sure of himself, she turns into a submissive little whore who will get on her knees and lick his balls and cock.

She also likes to fuck the women she works with, and she’s not afraid to stick her tongue in a wet pussy.

31. Romi Rain

Romi Rain

Romi Rain is a great choice if you want a babe who is sassy and loves big monster cocks.

The curvy hottie has been sucking dicks on camera for over a decade, and she’s also very good at licking wet cunts.

Romi is a great actress with a beautiful body, beautiful titties, a round butt, and a beautiful and seductive face.

If you watch just one of her videos, you’ll be thinking about her for many nights.


30. Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

Ever wanted to fuck a bimbo who looked like Elsa from the movie Frozen in real life? You want a skank like Elsa Jean.

Her pussy has lips that will grab your cock, and the way she looks back at the camera while she’s getting fucked doggy style will make you cream yourself right away.

She is the queen of riding cocks, and as you cum buckets for her, you’ll fall in love with her green eyes and blonde hair.

29. Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter 1

Gabbie Carter is currently not only one of the youngest pornstars, but also one of the most popular starlets.

This actress was born in 2000, and she made her first show at the age of 18. From the start, she gave it her all.

She started out by doing anal, mixed, and creampie scenes, which showed how good she was at fucking.

Plus, it helped that she is cute and has beautiful looks, big natural titties, and a strong desire to have sex.


I’m sure we’ll see more of her scenes as she continues to fuck all the hottest pornstars in the business.

28. Danika Mori

Danika Mori 1

Dani started doing porn in 2012. At first, she made movies of herself masturbating alone, but now she does intense fucking of all her holes, sometimes with more than one person.

She is a tiny Italian chick who loves to get fucked. She’s only 5’1″ tall. You could grab her and use her in any way you want, and she wouldn’t try to stop you.

That’s just how she is as a whore. She is a submissive little slut who loves to please her audience by taking her part as the slut very seriously.

27. Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle 1 1

I watch Ivy Lebelle’s movies whenever I want to see a scene with a hard beating.

She’s one of those hot pornstars who look like they need a break from getting fucked mercilessly but are actually in heaven and wouldn’t want anyone to stop their partner from jackhammering their holes!

The tattooed pornstar is one of the sexiest performers I’ve ever seen.


Her blowjob sessions are famous, her tit-fucking can make men cum easily, and she’s almost always wet down there, so there’s no need for lube!

26. Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls Bio

Autumn Falls is one of the newest porn stars. She has only been making porn for less than two years, but her fame is already going through the roof.

She is Puerto Rican, so her films have that Latino fire. Her breasts, which are a G cup size, are pretty big.

Even though she has big breasts, this skank is still very short. She is only 5’2″ tall and weighs 125 pounds.

You could pick her up and use her as a fuckdoll, which is what a lot of guys do.

25. Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon 1

Lacy Lennon is one of the few pornstars who looks good in real life. She has the right body and face, and she looks great in all of her porn scenes.

No matter what scene she’s in or who she’s acting with, she commands attention, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her beautiful body.


When you see how good she is at fucking BBCs and riding them or opening her legs to get a rough fuck, you won’t be able to look at anything else.

24. Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik

Adriana’s mouth is so good that she can make a guy cum without using her hands in just a few minutes.

But that doesn’t mean she won’t give you her ass and pussy. This whore is interested in every hole.

She’s the type of skank who wants a lot of attention and gives you even more in return. She likes being on top, getting down on her knees, and opening her legs.

Her desire to get gangbanged and eat the poop of dozens of different guys in just a few minutes is unmatched.

23. Codi Vore

Codi Vore 1

I know for sure that is one of the sexiest pornstars of the year. She’s a real-life example of what guys all over the world dream about.

She’s a total slut with natural mountainous titties, a rocking body with beautiful curves, and a round, juicy butt, and she’s cuter than most teens.


The horny beauty loves to fuck and has done it with all the top pornstars in the business. I’m sure we’ll see more of her sexual antics this year as well.

22. Leolulu


Leolulu is one of the best new pornstars, but even though she doesn’t show her face, she’s become a huge star.

Maybe it’s because her body is so crazy hot?

She is a French girl who loves to work out, keep her body in shape, and fuck her boyfriend in all kinds of places and situations.

She started making movies with Rae Lil Black and Mini Diva and other well-known pornstars, so keep an eye out for those.

21. Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal is a weak-willed whore who likes to be bossed around, and it’s fun to watch this beautiful girl get beaten up by big guys and their monster dicks.

She has everything going for her: a cute, small body, a pretty face, and perfect little tits.


She is also very good at fucking. She can easily deepthroat cocks and spread her legs wide for a hardcore fuck.

20. Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston

Nicole is only 5’3″ tall and weighs 135 pounds, but that doesn’t stop her from getting men all over the world to blow their loads for her with her pussy, ass, and mouth.

This hot whore loves to be bent over and have her behind banged. She’s straight, but she doesn’t mind fucking her female co-stars on camera, so don’t think you’ll miss out on any hot lesbo action if you just watch her.

Her D-cup tits are great for suffocating, and when you’re close, you’ll love the way she takes charge.

19. Josephine Jackson

Josephine Jackson

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Josephine Jackson is a real goddess who left heaven and came to Earth to meet her sexual needs.

I mean, there’s no other way to explain how beautiful she is. This curvy blonde loves to dress up in the nicest clothes, but after a long, hard fuck, she’d rather take them off and get covered in cum.

In addition to being a skank, she has a perfect body with a full figure, natural D-cup titties, and a beautiful butt. Even if you only watch one of her movies, you will think about her for a long time.


18. Desiree Dulce

Desiree Dulce 1

Desiree Dulce is a beautiful nerd who also really enjoys getting poop all over her face.

This beautiful Latina has worked for all the best porn sites and regularly fucks guys with monster cocks.

It seems like she is never happy until her partners fuck her brains out. I’m sure you’ve seen this beauty in action quite a few times and been blown away by her scenes.

If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing and watch her right now, because Desiree never lets you down.

17. Mini Diva

Mini Diva

Mini Diva is a mystery girl who just started doing porn in the last few months. You can only see the bottom part of her face, but she might show her face soon.

She is from Prague, and the only real things we know about her are that she has C cup breasts and weighs only 111 pounds.

She is a total whore for her boyfriend, with whom she records her movies. She likes to show off and fuck all three of her holes a lot.


16. Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust 1

Kendra Lust is one of the most well-known names in the business and is without a doubt one of the best MILF pornstars right now.

The older babe likes to work out as much as she likes to get a dick deep in her holes, and her toned body shows that she loves to work out.

Even when she’s not naked, this starlet is so hot that guys can’t help but be attracted to her.

She’s fit, she’s curvy, she’s got great titties and a perfect ass, and when she takes her clothes off, she’s a force of nature.

15. Cory Chase

Cory Chase

Cory Chase is every wet teen’s dream come true. She was your friend’s MILF mom, which is why you spent so much time at their house.

Guys love that she looks like a teacher or a sexy mom because she has blonde hair, DD cup breasts, glasses, and a classy style.

She looks like a MILF mom, but her body is ripped. Her well-defined six-pack abs and arms will shock you, which will make jacking off to her even more mind-blowing.


14. Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr 1

Rachel Starr has been in the business for a long time. She made her first show in 2007 and is still going strong.

She had a lot of fucking experience before she started doing porn, but after almost 15 years of doing it, her skills have gone through the roof.

Now she can make even the most experienced men fight to last a little longer, and when she gets paired with younger talents, she lets her inner dominatrix out and shows how good it can be to fuck an older woman.

13. Brandi Love

love brandi arthro 1

MILFs are a thing for you?

Brandi is 47 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from being in and making pornographic movies.

Since 2004 when she first did it, she hasn’t stopped. Even though she’s married, that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with any man who catches her eye.

It’s not cheating because her marriage is open. Aside from doing porn, she spends a lot of time working out to keep her abs and ass in shape for her next movie.


12. Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior 1

Gianna Dior is, in my opinion, one of the hottest pornstars in the business. The Native-American beauty has a supermodel’s body, a beautiful face, stunning tits, and an equally stunning ass.

Her good looks are a big part of why she’s so famous, but her slutty personality and desire for intense sex have also helped her get to the top.

If you watch her movies, you’ll see that she loves sucking big dicks. But she loves fucking girls just as much as she loves fucking guys, which makes her the kind of girl we need to keep an eye on.

11. Lena Paul

Lena Paul

Did you think D cups were big?

Lena Paul’s cups are DDD. Her breasts are huge, and her buttocks are tight. She began with camming and quickly moved on to porn.

She likes to play both the dominant and the submissive sides of the sexual range.

She’s been in a lot of gang bangs, rough fucks, and passionate sex scenes, and she’ll eat pussy as eagerly as she sucks cock.


She is a qualified whore because she spends more time on her knees and back than she does standing up. She was one of the best pornstars of the year 2020.

10. Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx probably has the best body in the business. She’s athletic and has big, firm fake tits and a big, round butt.

She also has a beautiful face and a smile that can make guys hard and girls wet right away. She is very busy.

She works with all the porn companies and fucks or gets fucked by both new and experienced performers every day.

She loves being bossed around and getting fucked hard, but she also loves taking charge and fucking the younger stars.

9. Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova

You could look at her dump-truck ass and know right away that she is one of the hottest porn stars.

Mia works hard to stay in such great shape, and making steamy, hot sex tapes is a good way for her to get her heart rate up.


She loves getting her pussy filled, and she loves it even more when guys cum in her.

If you watch her porn videos, you’ll learn a lot of new positions and be amazed by all the strange ways a girl can get a guy to come.

8. Luna Star

Luna Star 1

If you want to watch porn with an actress who doesn’t mind being choked, spanked, or stretched, Luna Star is the kind of babe you’re looking for.

All of the videos she has made are epic, and her fans praise her all over the Reddit NSFW groups because she always does a good job.

She may be small, but she has a dominant personality and will grab big dicks and guide them down her throat, between her tits, and then deep inside her pussy or asshole to ride them until they empty their entire load inside her!

7. Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie

Eva is a young girl from Siberia who only weighs 100 pounds, but her breasts will blow your mind.

She is one of the best new porn stars, and she loves taking risks like having sex in public and on hikes, getting into naughty sexcapades with other girls, and choking on cock.


She might look like a sweet and innocent little girl, but her mind is dirty. She is waiting for the next cock or pussy to come her way so she can do what she does best: please people with her body.

She’s only been making porn for 2 years, but a slut as good as her won’t stop any time soon.

6. Bella Rolland

bella rolland 1

Bella Rolland first came out in 2019, and in less than two years, she has become one of my favorites.

At 5’10”, this beautiful starlet is tall enough to dominate her partners, which she does in most of her porn scenes.

But if you put her with a big guy, she will give in to his every wish and let him be in charge, so he can do whatever he wants to her.

She is one of the hottest pornstars of the year because she has a small frame, beautiful breasts, a pretty face, and long legs that end in a big, fat bottom.


5. Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley has been working in the field since 2011, and she has no plans to leave anytime soon. She keeps her small body in great shape so that cocks of all sizes can fit on it.

Her form is natural, and she rocks the look even though she has small breasts. She only weighs 108 pounds, and she loves cum.

She will work hard for your load by sucking, fucking, and asking you for it. She sometimes even does fun things live for her fans.

I bet you’re crossing your fingers that you’ll see her. She is, after all, one of the most famous pornstars.

4. Emily Willis

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Emily Willis is very cute-looking, but don’t let that fool you. She is a total slut who loves to eat big cocks.

No matter how big a dick is, as soon as she sees it, she’ll drop to her knees with her mouth open and deep-throat it before sliding the greased cock between her legs.

This flat-chested actress loves hardcore sex where she’s the one in charge, and she loves talking dirty while her partners are having the time of their lives thrusting their cocks deep into her tight asshole and wet pussy!


3. Abella Danger

Abella Danger

This girl has been in more than 1000 scenes, so you know she’s a whore. She was born in the US, but her family is from Ukraine. She has brown skin and is a brunette.

She is very kinky and very flexible. At 5’4″ and 130 pounds, you might think she’s thin and small, but this bad girl still has curves in all the right places.

With Abella, there’s no hole she won’t go down and no act she won’t do. She will draw girls and boys, dildos and wands, and anything else she can get her hands on.

If you ask anyone who has seen her what they like best about her, they will tell you it’s her round, well-shaped tits. She deserves to be one of the best porn stars of 2022.

2. Angela White

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You already know who Angela White is because you’ve dreamed a million times about fucking her big titties.

The Australian beauty, who was born with a curvy body and big breasts, loves to push the limits when it comes to sex.

Her career is full of wild performances, and she has fucked all the big names in the business and is now working her way through the new ones.


And it’s always fun to watch her because she always wants a hard fuck and will have sex with anyone as long as everyone is happy at the end!

1. Lana Rhoades

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Lana Rhoades is a real beauty who loves all things sexual. She won’t stop at anything to make her viewers happy.

She started with just lesbian scenes, but then she added fucking dudes, blowjobs, anal, mixed, gang bangs, and bukkakes.

Anyone can blow his load inside her in a matter of seconds thanks to her sexual skills. She did lose her sexual virginity in porno.

She loves being pierced twice, but what she loves most is a big cock. Her blue eyes and juicy behind are the things that stand out most about her.

She does everything she can to make her co-stars happy, so she uses her tongue to give blowjobs, rimjobs, and more. She is the best porn star on this list right now.


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