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30+ Best Tiniest & Shortest Pornstars of All Time



TOP 10 Shortest Porn Stars 1

I got it. We all have different preferences when it comes to pornography. Some prefer plump women, while others can’t get enough of the booty – and still others adore the tiniest porn actresses in 2024.

I’m not making this up, because if you look at the content that the big companies keep pushing, you’ll see that most of them involve a big guy and a small spinner, and you know what happens next.

Since there are so many pornstars in the business and they all look different, we have chosen to make lists of everything you might need.

I’ve already written an article with a list of all the tall girls in porn, so I chose to write this one as well.

This year, I changed it to include more tiny pornstars I may have missed in the past, as well as a few new performers who just started their careers.


I also know that you might be expecting a lot of teenagers on this list, because that’s what I thought when I started doing research.

However, you’ll be shocked to see that there are also a lot of older babes on this list.

We won’t include Bridget the Midget or other midget porn starlets in this piece because they belong in a different category.

Today, we’re going to talk about adult film stars who are a lot shorter than the average person and most of their peers in the business… Exactly why these girls are so damn hard to resist.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right to the list and look at the year’s hottest Shortest Pornstars!


34. Nola Exico

Height: 5 ft 

Nola Exico 1

Nola Exico is 5 feet tall and was born in El Paso, Texas. 34D tits, hair that keeps going from blonde to brunette, and an ass that will fill your cravings for meat.

It’s a slut to watch, but it’s not as short or wild as the sluts below. She is the pornstar who has changed the most and will enter the slut field in 2023.

I’ve seen weird six-foot-tall women with huge, pig-like heads that didn’t dick as well as the little girl above.

The science doesn’t make a lot of sense. How can a small mouth fit all that cock when less driven sluts can barely fit a tip?

Well, Exico’s mouth flexibility (if there is such a thing) put her in the top 20 of the best actors in the world.


33. Rikki Nyx

Height: 4 ft 11

Rikki Nyx

Why did Rikki Nyx get so many great parts, even though she wasn’t the sexiest spinner pornstar? is one of them!

The main things that make this possible are the home-grown natural tits and the great bottom. No one wants to fuck a fat beast whose pussy is bigger than two average sluts.

That’s all there is to it. She will do anal and is shorter than 1.5m. So you do the math, and now you understand.

32. Ada Sanchez

Height: 4 ft 11

Ada Sanchez 1

Remember the name of another exotic girl who is about 4 feet tall. Ada Sanchez is a force to be reckoned with.

She has white teeth, hair that is about shoulder length, and a beautiful body. Short height means you can be the force that breaks and destroys this skank’s pussy.


I’ve known a lot of people who liked Ada at one time or another. She draws in guys.

31. Lilly Lit

Height: 4 ft 11

Lilly Lit 1

The small-assed blonde with 32A breasts, which are more like a flat chest, has been praised by fans and mega stars like Keiran Lee.

That’s the guy who has dick insurance for a million dollars. Could we say that Lilly is the best short actress who is over 4 feet tall?

Also, unlike many babes who are no longer active, Lilly is still “somewhat” noticeable in the sex scene.

Even if the latest dick-numbing videos are a few months old, that’s still new by anyone’s standards.


30. Cecilia Lion

Height: 5′

Cecilia Lion 1 1

I’ll be honest: I’ve only watched a few videos with this cute black actress because, if I’m going to watch black porn, I want the girl to be curvy and have big tits and ass, which is what I like.

But that doesn’t mean Cecilia Lion isn’t good, because she’s beautiful and always gives great performances.

In fact, after seeing some of her recent scenes, I’m going to keep an eye out for her new ones as well.

Watch a few videos of her and decide for yourself how hot she is. She’s got a small frame, cute little tits, and a tight ass that gives the perfect view when she’s getting rammed in doggystyle.

29. Mason Storm

Height: 4 ft 9

Mason Storm 1

Mason Storm is only 1m 45 cm tall, which is about the same height as a tiny pornstar. He beats out the other hoes because he is so short.

That is about as tall as the leg of a basketball player. Check out her lucky body on, where she tries on a bunch of big dicks.

Rain follows every storm, and Mason will make your balls release as much sperm as a flood.

28. Lucie Kline

Height: 4 ft 10

Lucie Kline

Lucy Kline is a relatively new actress, but as the picture above shows, she doesn’t hold back on anything.

Our little brunette, who was born in 1997 and has a cute gap in her teeth, is a cutie you want to throw around on your dick.

We can’t get enough of her smooth skin, tiny tits, and soft body. has information about her.


27. Caty Cole

Height: 4 ft 11

Caty Cole

Caty Cole is one of the most interesting spinner pornstars of 2021. She breathes in sexiness and breathes it out.

Her acts on are sublime and amazing, and they are a joy to watch. We think big things will happen for Caty next year, and it’s one of the babies you should remember.

In the end, you get soft lips, big eyes, an ass that’s bigger than a volleyball, and curves that are fun to look at or poke with your dick.

26. Ember Snow

Height: 5′

Ember Snow

If you like teenagers and Asian people, this is the best show for you to keep an eye on.

Ember Snow’s first video came out in 2017, and she hasn’t stopped making videos since then. She has also done quite a few gay scenes.


After a slow start, she started doing more and more anal scenes, and we hope to see her take even bigger dicks in all her holes this year.

She is also trying out other serious types of porn, and last year she did her first scene with a transgender pornstar!

She’s not the shortest pornstar because she’s 5 feet tall, but her partners always tower over her in her scenes, so she definitely earns this spot!

25. Vina Sky

Height: 5′

Vina Sky

Vina Sky is just too cute. No one disagrees with that or thinks it’s not true. Her cuteness is out of this world, and so is her love of wild sex.

She seems to be happiest when she can fuck any dick she wants, and Vina found that the porn industry is the right place for someone who wants to get fucked over and over again without being judged.


24. Sammie Spades

Height: 4 ft 11

Sammie Spades 1 1 1

Blonde hair, a small mark near her crotch, and a short body… You know what people say about little bits of ink…

This little skank isn’t ready to settle down. That works great in the adult business, where you need to switch out hundreds of cocks.

Sammie is an older model who tries to show the world that she is still young. Did she make it?

23. Sunny Lane

Height: 5′

Sunny Lane 1

Even though Sunny Lane is no longer working in the porn business, I couldn’t leave her off this list, so here she is!

This beautiful actress is one of the most well-known names in the industry, and if you like ass videos, you may already be drooling over her clips.


She was born with a beautiful body that is neither too curvy nor too small, and she has beautiful natural tits and an amazing ass.

She also has a very hot face that makes her look hot even when she’s wearing clothes. When she was working, she was one of the most wanted actors for a part.

She knew that her fans liked to see her twerk her ass over a big dick, so she did several anal scenes and left other pornstars in the dust in terms of fame.

22. Jynx Maze

Height: 5′

Jynx Maze

Even though she doesn’t look like it, Jynx Maze is already an old woman with a long career.

This is always good news because it means you can see a lot of her work without running out.


Anal sex is one of her skills, and she’s so beautiful that we’re sure she’ll keep giving us hot scenes for a long time to come.

21. Trinity St. Clair

Height: 5′

Trinity St. Clair 1

Trinity Sr. Clair has a face that says, “Fuck me right now!” in a very clear way.

This Italian pornstar has a beautiful tan and perky tits, which make her even tastier.

This hot short actress is even more interesting because she loves to try new things.

Trinity doesn’t know what the word “taboo” means when it comes to sex, and she’s willing to try out any position whenever she can.


She is also one of the smallest pornstars around.

20. Little Lupe

Height: 4 ft 9

Little Lupe 1

Who is both the hottest and the smallest pornstar in the world?

Of course, it’s little Lupe. We can promise you that our bronze-skinned angel is legal.

But, sad to say, not everything in adult land is sunshine and flowers. A few years ago, the tiny Colombian actress quit her job.

Still, we still watch her movies every now and then and miss her a lot. You’ll go crazy over her cute face and delicate body, and you’ll keep looking through your blinds for the FBI.


19. Aspen Romanoff

Height: 4’11”

Aspen Romanoff

I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t seen many videos with Aspen Romanoff in them, and before I started writing this piece, I didn’t even know who she was.

But since we’re making a list of the shortest pornstars, I had to include her because she’s one of the shortest acts at 4’11”.

The blonde actress has a beautiful face and a great body with beautiful tits and ass, but since her first video came out in 2017, she has only done a few more.

She has done scenes with people of different races, with creampies, and with lesbians. I hope to see her do more material regularly in the coming years.

18. Penny Pax

Height: 5′

Penny Pax 1

What the doctor ordered was a redhead with a curvy body. All of her curves are real, and they look great with her beautiful face.

She has been working long enough to make sure you won’t get to the end of her movies quickly.

This gives you plenty of time to watch her scenes closely and jerk off as much as you want!

17. Marsha May

Height: 4 ft 11

Marsha May

We have to admit that the first thing we notice about Marsha May is not her height. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her big tits and bubble butt.

The blonde from Florida, who is 23 years old, has been doing porn for four years and is one of the hottest short pornstars.

So far, she has been fucked while playing a student and a nurse. She has also been fucked by perverts who like rough, anal, and BDSM sex.


Watch her scenes on or to see her at her best.

16. Madison Ivy

Height: 4’11”

Madison Ivy 1

No one in the world hasn’t heard of Madison Ivy or watched at least one of her movies.

The resident queen of porn couldn’t stay away from all the great sex she was getting in the porn business, so she came back after saying she was retiring.

Since then, she’s been giving us some of the hottest performances ever.

When she’s by herself, she doesn’t look that small, but when she’s with other pornstars, she looks really small, which is to be expected since she’s only 4’11” tall.


But the brunette actress is at the top because of her raw sexual energy and her seductive features, which she uses to the fullest in all of her scenes.

So, if you haven’t watched her new movies yet, you’re missing out on some really good stuff.

15. Angel Smalls

Height: 5′

Angel Smalls

He or she is one of the most outgoing people on our list. Angel Smalls seems to be having a great time as she poses for the camera.

Her smile is real and so charming that you won’t be able to look away.

Angel loves to get her puss stretched as much as possible, and her hardcore scenes are top-notch.


She gangbangs and sleeps with people of different races. If you like pornstars who are small, she’s your girl.

14. Lola Fae

Height: 4’11”

Lola Fae 1

Lola Fae is another redhead who is short and below your waist. She looks like a hot midget.

Like a lot of small slutty girls, her height and weight make her look cute and young.

Lola Fae is all about living a good life and having a lot of sex. She was born in the United States, which is surprising since most people in Florida weigh twice as much as she does.

13. Sheridan Love

Height: 4’11”

Sheridan Love 1

If you like curvy pornstars, Sheridan Love is the best one to meet your needs. There are a lot of hot babes in the business with huge curves, but this MILF is the hottest because she’s short, which makes her curves stand out even more.

Her big natural tits with pierced nipples and even bigger ass give her an hourglass shape, and it’s hard to see even the biggest dicks because she can hide them fully, whether it’s a tit-fuck or a pussy-fuck!

I’ve really liked watching her porn scenes because it’s not often that you see a short actress with a curvy body, a big ass, and one of the biggest pairs of tits in porn.

12. Jane Wilde

Height: 5′

Jane Wilde 1

Jane Wilde may have a slim, perfectly proportional body, but she is also the smallest pornstar you can throw around whenever you want.

But don’t be fooled by the way she looks. She knows how to use those puppy eyes to get men to do what she wants and fuck her as hard as she wants.

When Jane isn’t getting fucked hard, she’s making other cute guys have the best orgasms of their lives.


11. Joanna Angel

Height: 4’11”

Joanna Angel 1 1

Joanna Angel, a well-known actress with tattoos, has been in the business for a long time and won the AVN Award.

Just a whore who has done everything by now. You can see this small, tattooed babe do it with both guys and girls in one-on-one movies, group sex videos, and even gang bangs.

Even though she’s on our list of short female pornstars, Joanna isn’t skinny at all, and her ass is so big it will blow your mind.

Midget pornstars tend to be bigger even though they are small. So, fuck this whore if you want alternative or punk porn.

10. Lilly Ford

Height: 4’11”

Lilly Ford

Here’s someone who always has a smile on her face in her videos, and I’m pretty sure that’s because she really enjoys getting rough fucked on a regular basis.

Lilly Ford is one of the hottest teen pornstars in the business right now, and she has shown many times that she has what it takes to be among the best.

The flat-chested pornstar loves being controlled, and her small size makes it easy for her partners to do so.

Most directors take advantage of this by putting her with a big guy or a MILF to make a great scene full of hot, dominating action.

9. Jade Kush

Height: 5′

Jade Kush 1

There is a reason why Jade Kush is on so many of our lists.

This Asian queen has a body that will kill you and a face that will make you want to pee your pants in no time.


She has curves in all the right places, and all of her beauty comes from the way she was made.

The fact that she is new should tell you something about how good her shows are.

8. Holly Hendrix

Height: 4’10”

Holly Hendrix 1

Holly Hendrix, who is Latina and also goes by the name Honey Holly, has everything going for her. She is young, short, and pretty.

Her booty makes men drool, and she likes to bounce it on big cocks.

Even though she is only 21, her movie on called “The Holly Hendrix’s Anal Experience with Adriana Chechik” has already won her an AVN Award for “Most Outrageous Sex Scene.”


You haven’t had a chance to save the movie, have you? Then, trust me, you haven’t lived yet.

7. Kenzie Reeves

Height: 4’10”

Kenzie Reeves 1 1

I don’t know what it is about her latest scenes, but it looks like she’s sorry she got a tattoo on her chest because she’s been covering it up with her top in all of them.

But if you ignore that part, you can really enjoy the rest of her body, which is tight as fuck. She has one of the smallest bodies of all pornstars.

She has a very tight pussy and an equally tight asshole, and her small, perky breasts are a mouthful.

So, if you like seeing short babes get rammed with big hard cocks, Kenzie Reeves is someone you can’t miss.


6. Rachel Roxxx

Height: 5′


She might not be the smallest on our list, but we added her so you could get to know her better because of her delicious curves and sexual energy.

Rachel Roxxx is an adult pornstar you should see at least once in your life. Her fake tits are just the right size for her tiny body, and she’s always ready to jump on a hot scene.

5. Piper Perri

Height: 4’10”

Piper Perri

Alyson Taylor, a model who is 5 feet 11 inches tall, makes pale blonde Piper Perri look tiny.

But unlike many tiny pornstars, Piper almost always looks much smaller than her co-stars. It’s a great thing for people who like spinning porn.

Even better, she usually plays a schoolgirl or teen, which makes seeing her act even more exciting.


Some guys pick up this little girl and fuck her into the abyss, while others treat her like a fleshlight.

4. Jasmine Grey

Height: 4’9″

Jasmine Grey

Like most of the other pornstars on this list of the smallest pornstars, Jasmine Grey has a very small pornstar body that makes her a great choice for submissive roles.

But just because you were picked well doesn’t mean you are good. Your performance should also live up to your casting.

And this little whore shines in all of her scenes by giving the sexiest and most captivating performance.

She has a small body with cute little tits and a tight, round butt, and it’s a real treat to watch her deep-throat without gagging.


And there’s no reason for me to tell you that she has a tight pussy, which means that her partners have the time of their lives fucking her senseless in multiple dominant positions!

3. Kaylani Lei

Height: 4’11”

Kaylani Lei

Her tan looks great with her Asian features, which make her very attractive. Kaylani Lei may be small and cute, but she has been in the business for a long time.

Kaylani will give you exactly what you want if you want to be impressed by someone who knows how to make love like a pro.

All of her movies are good, and there is enough of her work to keep you busy for a while.

She is absolutely, without a question, the best short pornstar of the year.


2. Amai Liu

Height: 4 ft 10

Amai Liu

It’s the devil himself, for fucksakes. Amai Liu is a high-priority goal for people who want to see short pornstars, especially Asians. This Hawaiian hottie is also called Miss Amai or Jamai Liu.

Borrow your friend’s cock sock to see how tightly she holds her pussy. Amai stars in teacher/schoolgirl porn, babysitter porn, and old/young scenes, which play to her strengths.

The best part is that this skinny girl loves big black cocks. She doesn’t even mind getting her ass smashed with anal.

1. Skylar Valentine

Height: 4’7″

Best Tiniest & Shortest Pornstars

At 4 feet and 7 inches tall, Skylar Valentine is definitely one of the shortest pornstars in the business.

She started out in 2018, but she’s only done a little more than a dozen scenes so far, which is a shame considering how hot it would be to see her getting fucked hard by a bunch of different pornstars.


But she can choose to work whenever she wants, so there’s that. But there’s no reason to give up hope because she’s already filmed some great scenes in which she shows how much she likes rough and hardcore sex by hooking up with multiple dicks at once.

She has a small body, cute little tits with pierced nipples, and a big, round ass.

I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the coming months because she won’t be able to get the intense sex she wants anywhere else but in the porn business.

I am here to explore the dark side of the internet!!!